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Why France’s ‘yellow vest’ protesters are rioting in Paris and across the country

What are they protesting against? Macron’s government has imposed several climate change-related fuel taxes in recent months — including another slated to take effect in January. Macron says the taxes are meant to encourage drivers to exchange diesel-fuelled vehicles for more environmentally-friendly models, but many middle-class French citizens say the taxes are squeezing them to the […]

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Vatican Warns: Climate Change ‘Key Challenge’ of Our Age

In its ongoing climate crusade, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano echoed dire warnings in its weekend edition that the present generation may be the last to be able to battle global warming effectively. “Climate change is the key challenge of our time. Our generation is the first to experience the rapid increase in temperatures all […]

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“The time for rest, especially on Sunday…”

A true moment of celebration brings work to a pause, and it is sacred, because it reminds men and women that they are made in the image of God, who is not a slave to work, but its Lord, and thus we too must never be slaves to work, but its “lords”. There is a […]

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