Unless explicitly indicated, all material by Amazing Discoveries™ is copyrighted and may not be duplicated.

Sales are an important part of our funding, covering administrative costs and allowing us to use donations more fully for our projects and mission rather than administrative expenses.

We are aware of many individuals who have reproduced our DVDs and made their own business of “selling” the copies at very low prices, some even going so far as to place their own name and website onto our material. Most of these individuals have done so without permission. Unfortunately, Amazing Discoveries™ needs to cover its costs, which are significantly higher than simply taking someone else’s work and paying for blank DVDs to copy.

We do understand that purchasing our set is a significant financial investment and that lending them out might jeopardize their quality. Also, we know that many of you would like to share the wonderful information on their DVDs with friends, family, and colleagues. We do offer discounts to those who have already purchased a set. These discounts cover additional full sets as well as very low prices for large quantities of DVDs to distribute for witnessing purposes.

Duplication is only for free distribution for witnessing purposes. Copies may only be made from DVDs purchased from Amazing Discoveries and must be made of the complete presentation with nothing added or removed. Any sale of any copies made is strictly forbidden.

The following DVDs have either no copyright or have had their copyright ban lifted:

Walter Veith

    • The Genesis Conflict (8-DVD set)
    • Life at Its Best (5-DVD series)
    • Rekindling the Reformation (11-DVD series)
    • Total Onslaught (36-DVD series)
    • Total Onslaught Miniseries (10-DVD series)
    • Total Onslaught: Final Conflict Update (5-DVD series)
    • From Evolutionist to Creationist: Personal Testimony
    • 1844: The Day That Changed the World DVD
    • Army of the Lord DVD
    • Charisma of the Spirit DVD
    • Come Up Higher DVD
    • Consuming Fire DVD
    • Faith DVD
    • Jenkins and Veith Interview: A Healthy Lifestyle DVD
    • Jenkins and Veith Interview: Heart to Heart DVD
    • Jenkins and Veith Interview: Life Experiences DVD
    • Total Transformation (18-DVD set)

Victor Gill

    • The Alpha of Apostasy DVD
    • Are you Ready? DVD
    • Doing the Father’s Will DVD
    • Fully Surrendered, Totally Committed DVD
    • Keep Looking to Jesus DVD
    • Make Haste DVD
    • The Omega of Apostasy DVD
    • Radar for Eternity (27-DVD series)
    • Sleepwalking DVD
    • The Narrow Way Series (12-DVD series)

Francois DuPlessis

    • Digging up the Past (12-DVD set)
    • Three Keys to Unlocking the Mysteries of the Bible DVD

Mark Cleminson

    • Exousia DVD

Joel Kratzke

    • What Faith Is (6-DVD Set)

Dan Gabbert

    • Meeting the Crisis in Peace (8-DVD Set)

Tim Riesenberger

    • Diabetes and Cancer DVD

Randy Skeete

    • Roots of Truth (6-DVD Set)
    All DVDs with Daniel Pel, Herb Larsen, Dan Wilson, and Rick Howard.