A Holy Nation, by Andreas Mellas

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Language: English
Release Date:  2015
Duration: 75 minutes
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: Single DVD

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What is the holy nation and what is our true purpose? How can we return to the Biblical mission of Christ?

Do you know what it means to be part of the church? What does it mean to be the chosen generation and a peculiar people? We are supposed to be His Holy Nation, but do we really know what that means? Many churches seem to have confused and lost identities. The church has become a social club, a party house, a theatre and a concert house instead of a true church.

People’s priorities for God’s house have changed. The church seems to be changing into a museum of godliness instead of a real place of worship and communion with Christ. In this sermon with Pastor Andreas Mellas, we search Scripture to learn what a Christ-like church looks like and how we can reflect the Biblical church. We will discover that the church is to reflect Christ. So if we abuse Christ’s mission for the church, we not only hurt ourselves but we also hurt our loving Lord. To avoid hurting our everlasting Father, let us remember the holy nation’s true mission.

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