Gideon Band, by Andreas Mellas

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Language: English
Release Date:  2015
Duration: 73 minutes
Publisher: Amazing Discoveries
Format: Single DVD

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Do you know what marks us as spiritual? Do others see us as being Christ-centred people?

Israel has a challenging relationship with God in the Bible. They were in a constant cycle of sin and bondage, then deliverance. Why was it that the Israelites fell into this systematic victory and defeat model? Consider how the Israelites may have felt self-satisfied and self-sufficient without God. From lessons in Judges 6 and throughout history we can learn how to have sustained victory over sin and a continuing strengthened relationship with Christ.

The name Gideon means one who cuts, one who is valiant and one who fights. Those amongst Gideon are those who fight for Christ and their only fear is the fear of the Lord. Gideon and his band is a good example of what we can aspire to be. So what are the qualifications for being part of the Gideon band? Pastor Andreas Mellas teaches us about the different qualities we need to recognize, avoid, and what to strive for in order to have a nurtured closeness with God.

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