Amazing Discoveries™ is committed to exposing deception in the spiritual realm and restoring the truth about God and His Word through the proclamation of the three angels’ messages.

In 1992 the AD team met scientist and speaker Professor Walter J. Veith. After hearing his life story and his passion for truth, they invited him to hold his first public campaign in Canada. Over 1200 people attended his fascinating presentations on science and religion.

In 1993, Amazing Discoveries™ was formed, to be able to continue hosting public seminars in North America and to spread the three angels’ messages far and wide.

Since then, Amazing Discoveries™ has presented hundreds of presentations around the globe, through Walter Veith and many other speakers that have joined with AD in proclaiming the news of Jesus’ soon return. DVDs of our presentations have circulated worldwide, especially the highly acclaimed series Total Onslaught by Walter Veith which has now been translated into 15 languages.

Since 2001, Amazing Discoveries™ branch offices have been started in the US, Germany, South Africa, Czech Republic, and France to further the work in these areas.

In 2010, Amazing Discoveries™ expanded to Satellite TV and is now broadcasting in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and southern Africa on various satellites. Presentations by our many speakers are also accessible to anyone through where you can also view our 24/7 satellite channel.